Humble Bundle 9 is live and sports nothing but the finest this time. Each game is a personal favorite of mine and comes highly recommended at full price, let alone the great deal you can get for snagging them all here.

Humble Bundle 9's basic rewards offer Frozenbyte's co-op puzzle platformer Trine 2: Complete Story, Klei's beautiful 2D stealth game Mark of the Ninja, Double Fine's heavy metal action adventure Brutal Legend, and entry into the Eets Munchies beta test.

Throwing down the average price of $4.57 lands you a copy of FEZ and FTL: Faster That Light, along with promises of more bonus games.

As always, you dictate where the money goes and how to divvy it up amongst developers, charity, and the Humble Bundle themselves.

This is the first Humble Bundle where I've owned everything already including the game's soundtracks. I might have to sit this one out unless the secret game proves to be awesome. Any takers, though?