When you think of Ferrari, you don't naturally think of household goods like headphones and speakers. Rather, you envision fast cars with sleek designs. However, Ferrari has been molding the company to be reminiscent of more than just cars. Think of Ferrari as a lifestyle brand, with a ton of merchandise offerings outside of cars: clothing, luggage, sporting equipment and office accessories. Step in Logic 3 and its lineup of audio equipment, specifically the beautifully designed Ferrari Cavalinno T50 Audio Headphones.


The Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones by Logic3 exude Ferrari elegant design. Not the clean lines and muscular external design but rather the luxurious, leather wrapped, plush feel of the Italian sports cars. The T350s don't exude pretentious gaudy Ferrari logo emblazzoned merchandise. Save for the galloping horse, which gives it the elegance it deserves, the branding isn't too obvious. These aren't your Dre Beats, though they sit in the same price category, I felt the product was of better value than Beats. My biggest complaint about Beats headphones are they are way too plasticy.  While the T350s have some plastic components, they are covered in leather and metallic parts. If you're a Beats fan, the T350s fall more in line with the Pro models.

I especially enjoy the tan, black and silver coloring of the headsets. No color schemes that remind me of a Benetton or Swatch store front which seems to be all the rage these days in designer headphones. The ear pads have got to be the softest I've had the pleasure of trying out. I hate when wearing headphones on a long flight only to have them hurt after an hour or so of using them.

The headphones come with three sets of cloth wrapped headphone jacks: one basic set, one set with microphone and mute/aux button, one set with microphone, mute/aux button and volume controls. The cords are of great quality, one end is marked with a polished finish while the other end is of a brushed finish, marking which side plugs into a device and another that plugs into the headphones. I'm a fan of wrapped headphone cords, they certainly help cut down on cord tangling issues.

Sound Quality


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the actual audio quality from these headphones and didn't really expect them to perform all that well. I was pleasantly surprised and can say they are comparable to other premium headphones. I used the headphones for about two weeks, listening to music, watching movies, some streamed content from the iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, iPad and MacBook Pro. I have to admit it does a pretty great job handling a wide variety of music and I can't complain about any shrieking or the bass not sounding rich and deep.The noise canceling feature works well and I tested them out while Jon R. was filming in the hallways.  It did a great job blocking out any sound. In Fact, when playing video games I found myself only cupping one of the ears so I could try and hear what Jon R. was saying in the other room.  The headsets require two AAA batteries to work, yes batteries are included.

Controls/Phone Calls


Calls came in great on the headsets and callers on the other line had no problem hearing our conversation.  I especially liked how responsive the volume and auxiliary buttons worked on the phone. On the iPhone, holding down the button prompted Siri instantly, on the MacBook Pro, it pulled up the next song on iTunes without any lag and worked as advertised.


It's nice that Logic 3 packaged three different cords, but I think I would normally stick to the set with volume and auxiliary controls.  On that note, I could do with the controls sitting a little lower on the cord, the way they are designed, they are just a few inches from the headphones. Then again, the microphone falls pretty much in line with the bottom of my chin, which I suppose is entirely practical if you want to use the microphone effectively.


Overall the headphones are probably one of the best looking on the market and they certainly are one of the most comfortable headphones I've tried.  The sound quality and noise canceling are great. Drawbacks are pricing and though we didn't experience any wear issues, I'm worried about scratching up beautiful designing. I get that $300-$500 is the going rate for premium branded headsets so I guess I can't complain too much there. And the results are worth it, classy design, comfortable, and superior sound quality.

Ferrari T350 headphones were loaned to us by Logic 3.  We tested them over a 2 week period. We used the headphones on an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note II, MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and an Apple iPad with Retina Display.  We tested the audio quality on downloaded music from the iTunes store, Google Play Store, YouTube, Pandora and some minor gaming on StarCraft II.

4 out of 5