xl_Felix_Baumgartner_sky2_624Oct. 8, a Monday, likely won't be much different from any other day. Most folks will have a few meals, go to work/school and hit the hay around 10 p.m. But for Felix Baumgartner, venerable danger-seeker and adrenaline junkie, it'll be a day for the history books. That's the plan.

After many test jumps and numerous months of planning, the team has penned in a tentative Oct. 8 date as the day Baumgartner will skydive from 120,000 feet, or 23 miles high. Earlier this year, Baumgartner successfully leapt from 18 miles up and traveled 536 miles per hour in the process. While reflecting on the amazing feat, Baumgartner said the tremendous speed merely "feels like a normal skydive." That's a bit anti-climactic. More ominously, the incredible height — "the edge of space," Red Bull Stratos said — is "totally black."

Either way, the jump will see Baumgartner eclipse the old record of 19.5 miles set by Joe Kittinger back in 1960. If all goes according to plan — and weather permitting — Felix will travel at almost 700 miles per hour. I can't even imagine. With the Endeavour making its final journey last week, the scientific community is on its way to accomplishing yet another incredible enterprise of human ingenuity.

[via CNET]