Google Reader's head is in the guillotine, but the blade hasn't yet been dropped—that date is still set for July 1, save for any last minute changes. While companies vie for attention as the go-to replacement, one name in particular keeps popping up as a favorite: Feedly. And to welcome the newfound attention, the company on Monday announced a brand new revamped experience, available for both mobile and the desktop.

If you're upset about Reader's impending demise, Feedly is as close a replacement as you'll find. In a blog post on Monday, the company said over 3 million new users have joined the Feedly cause following Google's spring cleaning announcement last month, indicating just how badly users want their RSS fix.

In today's update, Feedly says it has introduced an all-new search and discovery engine, a Must Read section and better sharing options. Build those features on top of Feedly's already intuitive magazine-style interface, and you have a pretty slick alternative to Reader. Feedly already makes it simple by allowing Reader users to import their feeds into the platform, so you now have even more reason to make the jump.

Feedly is free, and is available for iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It's no Google Reader, but it's one of the best replacements out there. If it's not quite what you're looking for, you can always hold out for Digg's alternative.