felix-baumgartnerDaredevil "Fearless Felix" Baumgartner is one step closer to his goal of diving from the edge of space. On Wednesday, July 25, Baumgarnter successfully leapt from more than 18 miles high — about 96,640 feet — and landed safely in Roswell, N.M. after hitting a reported speed of 536 mph. His freefall lasted almost four minutes.

"It has always been a dream of mine," Baumgartner said after the jump. "Only one more step to go."

That step will come in late August or early September, when Baumgarnter will leap from 23 miles up, or 125,000 feet — that could see him break the previous record held by Joe Kittinger, who jumped from 102,800 feet back in 1960 and lived to see another day.

Because there's no atmosphere so high above sea level, Baumgartner wears a special full-pressure suit equipped with parachutes and an oxygen supply, the Washington Post wrote. Otherwise, as was reported earlier this week, Baumgartner's blood would boil that high up.

If Baumgartner does successfully break Kittinger's record, he could potentially reach speeds of almost 700 mph, breaking the sound barrier. The Washington Post describes "Fearless Felix" as "a former military parachutist and extreme athlete." I'd call him crazy, brave and as close to Superman as we'll see.

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