Amid reports that Facebook and Uber are interested in acquiring Nokia's HERE maps service, there was a hint that three automakers, including BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz had also teamed up and were interested in the software. A new report suggests that the automakers are now prepared to make an offer for HERE maps, and it also explains why the trio is interested in Nokia's mapping technology.

The Wall Street Journal said recently that BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are "preparing to launch a formal bid," within the next two weeks to acquire HERE maps. The automakers want to own HERE for two reasons: first, it could be used to power self-driving cars in the future, which will need to rely on advanced maps for navigation. Second, and the main reason the trio are interested, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that they want to make sure other firms such as Google and Apple, which are also working on self-driving cars, don't have complete control of the industry.

"The greatest threat to the automobile industry would be if Google developed an operating system for self-driving cars and made it available free to everyone," one source told The Wall Street Journal. "We need the map for the operating system in cars."

Nokia hasn't seemed too desperate to sell HERE maps, though the tech is certainly on the market, but there are desperate buyers.