AMC’s The Walking Dead has been a slow-paced exploration of how humans would react to a zombie apocalypse. Fear the Walking Dead, according to its creators, is going to be different.

In a behind-the-scenes look at the new original series, some details about what to expect are revealed, along with how it’ll differ from the titular show.

“It’s got a completely different vibe, a completely different feel,” said Gale Ann Hurd, executive producer.

If you’ve been turned off by The Walking Dead’s more dramatic tone, Fear the Walking Dead should be a nice change of pace; Dave Erickson, another producer of the show, described Fear the Walking Dead as “action driven.”

Fear the Walking Dead will take place in Los Angeles right as the initial outbreak is going on, which means we can expect a lot of chaos, and a lot of brain eating. Perfect.

“This is going to be a very cool show,” said Robert Kirkman, original creator of The Walking Dead comic.

The show is expected to premiere this summer.