Some sort of infection is spreading—“a virus, or a microbe”—and the powers that be are, naturally, downplaying its danger. In a new teaser for Fear the Walking Dead, a student expresses his concern about the alleged disease, to which the school supervisor boneheadedly responds, “You need to spend less time online.”

The truth of the matter is is that the dead are rising, and there have been multiple reports across five different states. Yet that’s not enough to convince Kim Dickens, who plays Madison, that something is amiss. And, OK, it’s hard to fathom the dead are rising. But come on! You can hear the horror and concern in this kid’s voice. You just brush it off by saying he’s an online kook? The audacity!

It won’t be long until her tune changes.

We’ve only gotten bits and pieces of Fear the Walking Dead since it was announced, including this clip of a guy running away from what we assume is the undead. The show is set to premiere on AMC later this summer, though it’s likely we’ll get a much more thorough look at Comic-Con in July. And, no doubt, as the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.