Now that the latest season for The Walking Dead has ended, AMC’s attention has quickly turned toward its next big original series, Fear the Walking Dead. The newest creation from Robert Kirkman will be a completely fresh and separate tale from the show that’s going on now, giving fans an entirely new world to follow this summer.

Over the past few years, fans of The Walking Dead have had to wait until Halloween time for the beloved zombie show to return to TV, but that dead air will finally be filled with more walker action. Fear the Walking Dead is supposed to follow a new group of survivors in Los Angeles as the initial outbreak is taking place.

The show’s first teaser doesn’t show much, though it does reveal how casual people are about the virus’ spread in the early going.

“Hope you got your flu shot. Reports in five states that a strange virus is going around, so if you’re not feeling well, go home and take care of yourself,” a radio announcer says.

The city, meanwhile, continues to go on as usual. But it’s quickly revealed that something more sinister is lurking beneath the city’s surface, with what could possibly be the first walker ever. Fear the Walking Dead is set to come out later this summer, and will feature Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens.