PlayStation 3 Super Slim 4000 series FCC filing

An FCC filing has revealed that Sony is planning to deliver a brand new PlayStation 3 4000 series, which many believe to be a "Super Slim" version of the Japanese company's popular console.

Eurogamer reports that the new PlayStation 3, which sports a "CECH-4001x" model number, could be unveiled at Gamescom in Germany next month. The "x" in the console's model number will reportedly be replaced by a letter that denotes its hard disk specification:

We're currently on the 3000 series. Specifically, the CECH-4001x model is mentioned, and this could relate to a slimmer PS3, which Eurogamer has heard will be announced at German game show Gamescom next month.

The documents mention that "x" will be replaced by an alphabet denoting the different hard disk specification.

Despite these beliefs, the illustrations that appear within the FCC filing clearly show the 3000 series PlayStation 3 Slim, and the original PlayStation 3. It's unlikely, however, that Sony would include a picture of an upcoming console, knowing how these FCC listings are quickly documented by the press — just as this one has been.

Coincidentally, my "fat" PlayStation 3 stopped working this weekend, so a "Super Slim" version couldn't come at a better time for me. I'm certainly keeping my fingers crossed.

[via Eurogamer]