google-nexus-q-closeGoogle's Nexus Q never quite lived up to its potential despite an interesting orb design, leading to a gloriously short-lived existence. It wasn't particularly bad but, for the price, it didn't have the kind of feature set consumers demand. Now that it's gone completely, we've been left to wonder if the device, in some capacity, would make a comeback, show us what it's really made of.

It sounds like its day of triumph is just over the horizon.

According to a mysterious FCC document, Google is enlisting the services of Asus to introduce a device known as Qube, and it's being described as a Roku-type dongle with Google TV. A source told The Verge that the Qube falls in the Nexus line, and will be available in January (that explains the absence of the Q).

There's not much to go on from the FCC filing — Wi-Fi and RF connectivity and supported — so it's hard to tell what to expect. A few apps through Google Play, O!Mobile Control Center and O!Mobile Remote, are linked to the Qube, but even those look decidedly prototype, so it's difficult to know what this is all about.

If this is indeed a replacement to Google's Q, you can bet the company will do everything in its power to ensure the Qube is a hit. Hopefully, at the very least, the company will start off with a much lower price point.

[via TheVerge]