iPhone SE Review-6

Man, now the FBI is just rubbing Apple’s nose in the dirt. It all started when Apple and the FBI faced off in court after Apple refused to unlock an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters. The FBI eventually found a way in – rumor has it the agency had some help finding a way to enter the password without ever getting locked out – and now it’s offering its expertise in other cases… without telling Apple its strategy.

According to The New York Times, a prosecutor in a homicide case in Arkansas recently asked the FBI for a tiny favor. The prosecutor wanted to get inside of an iPhone and an iPod that were owned by “two teenagers accused of killing a couple.” Seems the information in those devices could be used to put the two behind bars for a long time, but, previously, iPhones weren’t that easy to crack into. Apparently the FBI jumped at the chance to help, too, and “agreed less than a day after the initial request.”

Despite the FBI’s willingness to help, and the prosecutor’s eagerness to get into the phone, the defense attorney said there won’t be much to find. “We’re not concerned about anything on that phone,” he said.

This may just be the new normal, at least until Apple makes it even harder for the government to get into iOS devices.