Dads. They're great, and embarrassing, and clumsy, and they fix things that are broken, and visa versa. They do a lot for us, but how much do you do for them? Now's your chance to rectify a year's worth of grievances in one single day. Moms aren't the only person in your household that deserves affection. If your dad won't spoil himself, take the initiative and show him you care. Buy him tickets to the game, give him a tool set. Tell him you love him.

Compared to mom, dads are typically easy to buy for. They don't change; they make a decision and stick to it, which is why they still probably own that awful sweater from the 70s. So chances are you already know what dad likes, whether it's something in the tech field or maybe something for the Great Outdoors. We've come up with a few last minute ideas that should help you make a decision. The big day is Sunday, June 16, and time's a'wastin'. Stop with the gift cards.

HTC One-Black-Sprint-Camera


It's already well-established that the HTC One is among the most beautifully crafted handsets to ever grace the mobile industry. With its aluminum design, the handset exudes a premium quality attained by very few devices on the market, and that should be recognized. It's strong, clean, and a good size that's not too large or too small—that lovely Goldilocks Zone so coveted in mobile. But it offers more beyond just good looks.

With BlinkFeed, the device is perfectly suited to provide dad with up to date sports and news info, or even the latest news from TechnoBuffalo. Sense 5 has evolved into a powerful overlay, while the device's UltraPixel camera offers plenty of features for capturing whatever it is dads take photos of. Their kids?

You can always go for the Galaxy S4, which has an easy mode for the tech illiterate, and a ton of other great features, but the One provides the best combination of hardware and software, and it's widely available in the U.S. And how cool would your dad be owning an HTC One? You can brag to all your friends on the playground.


Sony RX100

Equipped with a one-inch sensor and f/1.8 aperture, the Sony RX100 is an immensely attractive camera that combines unparalleled design with amazing image quality. This isn't an average point and shoot, nor is it a bulky DSLR. It is, however, one of the more perfect introductions we've seen that combines the best of both worlds. There are mirrorless cameras, sure, but even those can be bulky and inconvenient at times.

The great thing about the RX100 is that it doesn't require a particularly in-depth knowledge to use. With that said, it does offer plenty of features and control that would please even the most die-hard professional. If dad does have a DSLR, this could be a nice companion shooter to have on hand at all times. Or, if he simply wants something to take on a trip to Yosemite, this will take some fabulous landscape photos, and be super easy to lug around on hikes.



Thermostats are annoying, and they look terrible. Nest is neither of those things. Billed as the next generation thermostat, Nest makes controlling your domain easier than its ever been, and you can even control it through a smartphone if you want to get the house nice and cool before getting home. Or warm. Dads get cold too, sometimes.

The great thing about Nest is not only is it simple, but it looks like something from the future. The technology's concept isn't particularly groundbreaking, but it makes you wonder why every house in America isn't outfitted with one of these bad boys. Instead of wasting time trying to fix that old thermostat from the 80s, get dad a Nest and actually control the temperature of your home. And it even helps save energy by learning your habits.


FitBit Flex

We all need a little motivation. At any age it's important to be active and follow a healthier lifestyle, whether its through diet and exercise or some other method. The Fitbit Flex is one of those devices that helps keep track of daily activity by pairing with a smartphone, and then presenting that info in an easily consumable interface. It's not for the marathon man, but it'll likely encourage dad to take more walks outside the office instead of being sedentary at the computer all day. We can all use more walks.

At $99, the Flex is a lightweight wristband that's designed to track steps. That's about it. But having it there on a wrist instead of, say, inside a pocket, will be a constant reminder to move around a little in between phone calls and emails. Dad didn't always have a distended barrel gut. But metabolism and age has a way of growing old that much more fun. Encourage him to get his butt out of that chair by using technology as a tool.


External Battery Charger

There are hundreds of external charger options out there, and we've covered a few of our favorites here at TechnoBuffalo. But it always bears repeating that the little gadgets are excellent for road warriors or multiple device carriers. We rely more than ever on our smartphones, making it immensely crucial they stay juiced up throughout the day. Does dad constantly complain of low battery? Problem solved. Most chargers today carry huge batteries capable of providing numerous jolts of life, and they're incredibly portable. It may not be "tough" for dad to fall back on help, but sometimes traveling smarter is better than winding up with a phone with no battery.