Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. Last week Mike hit you with some cameras that are great for dad (that can probably still grab BTW), and today we thought we’d offer some suggestions for quick-and-easy geek gifts you can pick up on your way home from work or school today that are likely to be in stock and won’t break the bank.

Video Game Is Dad a gamer? Just buying pops any old game isn’t likely to impress, but buying your dad a game you think he’d enjoy that you can play with him online–genius. Games that you can play with your dad online (if you live away from home) or together in the living room (if you’re living at home) can be a fun way to bond and spend time with your father while doing something you both enjoy.

iTunes Giftcard
iTunes giftcards are awesome presents, but also quickly can look like a thoughtless gift you picked up last minute. If your dad owns an iPad or iPhone, make a list of applications you think he would enjoy and gift him a card with a value large enough to download them. Think your dad would really like the book you just read? Get him an iBook-themed card and suggest he give it a download. Offering suggestions on what to spend the cash on is 100% more personal than just handing him the card. He, of course, doesn’t have to use the card to buy your suggestions … but making the suggestions turns the card into something you put thought into rather than just something you picked up.

Netflix subscription
I’m willing to bet my father has no idea what Netflix is, and if he has an idea of what it is he doesn’t realize how much he would love it. Netflix subscriptions aren’t super expensive, and is something you can get Dad for the year that he’ll keep thanking you for. If you do decide to spring for the Netflix be sure to sit down and explain how the service works with your dad. The whole thing won’t be useful at all if he has no concept of how to use it.

My father has never quite jumped on the smartphone train. He doesn’t like the idea of having a huge monthly bill, and really doesn’t like the idea of people (especially work) being able to find him anywhere he is. He also goes on tons of trips, however, and is still toting around paper maps to help him get to his destination (although occasionally those maps are of the Google variety). GPS units run a little over $100 these days, and can help you dada find his way around town or on his next vacation. You can get these almost anywhere that sells electronics.

Remote control helicopter
No matter how old your dad is, chances are he still thinks he’s pretty young and cool. Remote control helicopters let your dad be a kid again, but are also something he could take into work to impress the guys at the office. If you’ve never played with these- they’re pretty fun, and can make for a fun afternoon activity in the backyard as well as an interesting way to harass your friend in the cube next to you at work. These are available at store like Target and Best Buy (the one I pictured here is $40 there) as well as specialty stores like Brookstone.

Father’s Day is really about celebrating your dad, not what gifts you get him. The right present is one that fit your father’s personality. If you want to go tech, think about what your dad likes to do, and what technology might help him do those things a little easier.

Do any of you have any awesome Father’s Day gift ideas?

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