Nintendo is all about this little trend lately. Whenever it scores exclusive publishing rights to a third-party game, that game’s protagonists find themselves inexplicably dressed in Nintendo’s most iconic heroes’ clothing, available as in-game Easter Eggs or DLC. Monster Hunter 4, Bayonetta 2, and now Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water joins the list with a pair of inappropriate costumes that don’t quite match the game around them.

A new trailer shows off Princess Zelda’s and Zero Suit Samus’ garbs being worn by the Fatal Frame ladies. Of course, Fatal Frame is a horror game to its bone-chilling core, one of the creepiest and most unsettling gaming franchises on the face of the Earth. There really is nothing like a goofy, out-of-place costume to alleviate that dread, is there?

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water already stars a crew of ladies who wear fashionable clothes and look like a J-idol girl group, but at least their fashion is grounded a little bit in reality and fits the series’ theme of “Japanese women in ghastly situations.”

At least the duds are good for a laugh after you’ve already experienced the horror once, and who knows? They might even ease the hearts of those who can’t handle Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water and help a few scaredy-cats play who wouldn’t be able to otherwise make their way through the game even once!

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water launches for the Wii U this week on Oct. 22.