One of the staples of the Fast and the Furious movies has been Toretto’s (Vin Diesel’s character) love for muscle cars. So it makes sense that The Fate of the Furious would partner up with Dodge to create a special edition of its beastly Challenger called the Dodge Demon. The car was supposed to be a part of a 12-part promotional campaign that would slowly reveal details of the car, but in a recent video, the entire car is shown in all of its bad-ass glory.

The leak came from a video on YouTube that recorded Diesel talking about the franchise and its close-knit family, but right behind him are two Dodge Demons in full display. Dodge had already begun slowly teasing the car with short videos on YouTube, showing some of its more impressive attributes. Thanks to the video, we don’t have to wait any longer because we know exactly what the car looks like.

The two cars seen in the video are silver with black accents and impressive characteristics. The massive hood scoop, new wheels and fender flares show off one heck of a car. The car is not too different from the original Challenger and Hellcat versions, but there are some changes including a few cosmetic changes we can see in the video and the lighter weight teased in Dodge’s video.

If it’s any consolation to folks who are eagerly awaiting the grand reveal of the car, we still don’t know many of the specs of the car, so there may a few more surprises we don’t know of. The leaked video doesn’t show off the little details that the eventual promotional images will, but we still get a clear look at what looks to be a gaudy, powerful muscle car that embodies everything the Fast and the Furious franchise stands for.

Dodge returns to the Demon branding

Dodge’s relationship with the Demon branding has always centered around cars meant for car enthusiasts, and this version of the Dodge Demon certainly lives up to the billing. But if you don’t have that great of a memory, you may have forgotten that Dodge’s past Demon car was a Miata-killer that never made it to the market.

It featured similar convertible coupe look that Miata is famous for, but with a Dodge spin on it. If it’s any consolation to that Dodge Demon, this newer version seems to be carrying on the legacy of the name quite well.