Whenever a new Fast & Furious movie comes out, you expect three things: Exotic locations, explosions and awesome cars. Thanks to new pictures shared from the movie’s set in Iceland, two of the three have already been fulfilled. Meet the wild cars of Fast & Furious 8.

The movie is currently filming in Iceland, which means the team has to get creative with the cars they use in the frigid terrain. Of course, you’d expect Roman (Tyrese Gibson) to drive an orange Lamborghini, and you’d definitely expect Dom (Vin Diesel) to drive a muscled-out Charger. But it’s Hobbs’ (Dwayne Johnson) car that beats them all.

“When it’s time to save the world in the snow, Hobbs becomes the Abominable Iceman in his ICE RAM,” Johnson writes on Facebook.

The thing is absurd (as you’d expect from a Fast & Furious movie). It’s funny how the vehicles assigned to each character reflects their personalities. Roman is flashy and confident, Dom is tough and traditional, and Hobbs is a tank built to wreak havoc. And those aren’t the only vehicles in the gallery above—we also get a look at Tej’s (Chris Bridges) Ripsaw and Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) Rally Fighter.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of these vehicles piece together to form one super machine.

The Fast & Furious franchise has been a reputation for being over the top and these cars perfectly fit within that universe. We still don’t know much about the film—it’ll be the eighth in the franchise!—but we do know it’ll offer plenty of ridiculous popcorn entertainment when it hits theaters next April.