Zynga has officially announced the coming of a sequel to one of their most popular social games, FarmVille. With 3D graphics, more features and more social elements, Zynga is clearly betting the farm (I won't apologize for that, not a chance) on FarmVille 2.

If you play FarmVille, you need to know that you will not be able to transfer over any of your goods or items from the original game to its upcoming sequel.

The company has seen an exceptionally large dip in stock and value over the last few months. Zynga needs their high-profile titles to be successful.

The details for this one are exceptionally light. During the Zynga Unleashed presser earlier today, company simply indicated that FarmVille 2 is coming soon. They also have a very sparse Facebook fan page.

If you're at all curious about where I stand on the matter of social games, head over to an article we ran yesterday: C'mon SimCity Social, not in Front of my Facebook Friends.