Far Cry 5 won’t feature an exploration trope that’s fallen in lockstep with all things Ubisoft and lots of open world gaming experiences on the modern market. They’ve gotten rid of climbing towers and populating the minimap with objectives.

Did you hear that? That was me sighing in relief. Climbing towers to mark areas of the map, yes, even in Breath of the Wild, has become far too commonplace.

GamingBolt spoke with Far Cry 5 Lead Writer Drew Holmes about the reason for cutting the tower climbing element out of the game. Why’d they do it? Here’s his response.

“I think it’s because it helps increase exploration. I think in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 you got into a rhythm of, ‘the only way that I can find out what to do in this area is to go climb a tower, hit a button and all of these things pop up.’ We really wanted to focus on exploration with a sense of, ‘I’m not sure what to do or where to go’.

“I think when you set a game in a more familiar setting like Montana, we wanted to compare it to, ‘what would I do in this situation?’

I’d have to go and try and meet some locals, see if they’d do anything. Or go to a town and see if there’s anything to do around there. So the goal really was to get rid of the towers as a way of forcing me to interact with the people, pay attention to my surroundings. And sort of intuitively figure out, ‘well, if there’s a town here, there’s a gas station down the road,’ so everything sort of feels like a believable world.”

Pushing players to explore, use logic and talk to NPCs? If it’s done in a way that genuinely makes sense, this could be a huge moment for open world game design. These titles lean on tropes and mechanics so hard that a shakeup is hard to come by. This could be that shakeup.

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