Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

If you've been following Far Cry 4 closely since launch, then you probably already know about the alternate ending that players can unlock at the very beginning of the game. It's a cool little easter egg that serves as a nod to player agency, and it was received really well.

Creative Director Alex Hutchinson has since revealed that there's yet another alternate ending that no one has openly shared yet. This one happens at the end of the game, though you'll need to head to Hutchinson's Twitter page if you'd like to see his spoilery hints for how to see it.

"No but you're close…" Hutchinson writes on Twitter to another user. "Big change as yet undiscovered is right at the end…"

As you can see from the one tweet I did share above, this alternate ending opens up a whole new mini-location. What's there, how to get it, how neat it is and if it's worth our time all remains to be seen.

Anyone out there unlock this alternate alternate ending yet?

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