Ubisoft continues its 30th anniversary celebration with another free game. Each month, Ubisoft has made a game free for the PC crowd on Uplay. For November, that game is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone piece of content for Far Cry 3. It puts a neon-soaked twist on the original game and assumes the storyline of an 80s take on a sci-fi future. It’s equally absurd and fun, and I loved my time with it when it originally released.

Starting Nov. 9, head to the link in the source below to grab Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for free. The link will show Beyond Good & Evil until that date. Get that game, too. You’ll need a Uplay account.

To get Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, you’ll need Uplay

Look, Uplay isn’t as bad as it was at launch. I get that even mentioning the platform draws audible groans from the crowd of gamers. I, too, am annoyed that I need like four publisher-specific platforms on my PC to enjoy games.

The client is light, it’s worth the installation and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is outstanding. Worst-case scenario? Nab the game, play it and uninstall the client.

Or don’t. It’s really not that bad.