Finally we’re getting a good look at what Jamie Bell will look like as the Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Up until now the only image we’ve seen of the look for the Thing has been a blurry shot of a promotional banner. Now, thanks to Empire, we finally have a good image of what the ever lovin’ Thing will look like when he gets ready for clobberin’ time.

It’s definitely a more subdued color than comic readers are used to, but it works on a lot of levels. As opposed to when Michael Chiklis played the Thing in the last two films in a rubber suit, this time it’s all done through motion capture, so this will be a fully CGI version of the character, which may work a lot better for someone that is supposed to be so immense.

The true test, of course, will be once we get to see him in motion and hear what choice he made for the voice. For now, it doesn’t look too bad.

Fantastic Four will open in theaters on Aug. 7.