It doesn’t show much, but the first teaser for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been released, giving us a tiny (very tiny) hint at what to expect. This tale technically lives inside the Harry Potter world, though it takes place long before the conclusion of The Deathly Hallows, which hit theaters back in 2011.

In Fantastic Beasts, the story will revolve around Newt Scamander and his arrival in the U.S., where he is to meet with the Magical Congress. With him is a briefcase, which magically houses a number of dangerous creatures. Naturally, the creatures manage to escape, sending the wizarding world into a tailspin.

The story tells of what effect this devastating mistake has on the state of wizard/No-Maj (the American term for a non-magical person) relations in New York City’s community of wizards and witches in 1926, the effort to correct the mistake, and the horrors of the resultant increase in violence, fear, and tension felt between magical and non-magical peoples.

Based on that official synopsis, the story is much more dramatic then the title would suggest; it’s a bit about magic, yes, but also about acceptance, being different, etc. A perfect allegory for the times we live in.

Again, the trailer doesn’t really show much—I suspect Warner Bros. simply wanted to get something out to capitalize on the Star Wars craze—though we do get a few good looks at Eddie Redmayne as Scamander. Check it out above.

Fantastic Beasts comes out Nov. 18, 2016.