Looks like one fan is losing patience with SEGA for not remastering its beloved bombshell Shenmue into HD, and he has taken it upon himself to give the game a much needed face lift. Korean YouTube user NoconKid has uploaded two videos showing of his work bringing back the city of Yokosuka and Ryo’s cozy 1980s hillside Japanese town to the modern age.

All of the details and information of his remake are in Korean, but it goes without saying that it looks marvelous. The contrast of the dramatic sky and dull grey brick buildings doesn’t quite do the original’s atmosphere justice, but maybe it looks more like my memory remembers when the sun comes out during the day. That’s just my nitpicking though. I loved Ryo’s town in the daylight.

It would be a real treat if he updated the resolution of those arcades as well.

NoconKid has done a great job delivering to the crying fans what SEGA has only harshly teased over the years, and if it had a merciful bone in its corporate body, it would throw a bit of coinage at NoconKid’s way. At least give him a blessing because he is taking on the task of remaking its most expensive game in history… alone… in his free time… for free.

We can only hope that he doesn’t update the voice acting. Would Shenmue be the same if the actors sounded like they know how to act?