Did someone just feel a breeze? I swear my mind has been blown!

We all know that Earthbound fans, AKA Mother fans in Japan, are some of the most passionate on the Internet. This is the group of ragtags who made the single greatest fan-translation of all time in Mother 3, and the same lot who produce books, strategy guides, documentaries, and a whole host of other products that far supersede anything Nintendo has done with the franchise in the past 20 years this side of Super Smash Bros and a VC re-release of Earthbound.

And they have once again outdone themselves.

In the absence of Nintendo and original game director Shigesato Itoi, it has fallen on the fans to create the next "unofficial" game in the beloved RPG series. Mother 4 has been in development for quite a while now, and the second trailer is even more impressive than the first! Huge modern cities, excellent battle animations, catchy music, hamburgers and aliens.

The spirit of Earthbound and Mother 3 clearly live on in this game, and it hopefully continues to have Nintendo's "silent" support as the team prepares to launch it for free on PC, Mac and Linux.

"The Mother 4 team is not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Nintendo of America Inc., Shigesato Itoi, HAL Laboratory, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates,"

Yes, this is not an official Nintendo game, but Nintendo often lets the Earthbound fans do whatever they want just as long as nobody is making any money. It really is the least it can do. Many like to chide Nintendo for the lack of support it shows the fan community, but the secret is that Nintendo shows more support than any other company on the face of the Earth letting people go willy nilly with its intellectual property like that and not calling its lawyers.

We'll just all keep this on the hush hush and hope that the fans have what it takes to make sure it turns out as wonderful as Mother 3. Yes, I said it. Mother 3 is a better game than Earthbound. Play the translated version if you haven't yet. Nintendo doesn't mind.