When it comes to the Pokémon franchise, few side-adventures usher in nostalgia among fans quite like Pokémon Snap. The Nintendo 64 effort was a first-person, on-rails effort that had trainers looking for Pokémon, doing things to lure them out and, yes, snapping pictures.

I’ll maintain that the game wasn’t as good as we remember until the day I die, but I get it. It was fun. Earth-shattering? No.

Still, fans love feeling that nostalgia, and Pokémon Snap‘s place in gaming history continues to firm. Now we have one gamer with enough dedication to the title to get it running on the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s a video of that in action:

This is not the full Pokémon Snap experience

YouTuber Ganjulationess3DS simply ripped the first level of the game from another source and pulled Pokémon models to make it all happen.

What we get is a semi-functional form of the original game’s first level, complete with 3D Pokémon that aren’t animated in any way.

Still, man, this is something I’d absolutely drop $5 on. I think Nintendo’s leaving money on the table by not bringing Pokémon Snap to the 3DS by way of the Virtual Console.

You can now play it as well via Game Fabrique.