As an old Apple voice, ex-ad creative director, Ken Segall, has a firm and respectable grasp on Cupertino culture. He saw what the company was doing from behind the scenes early before the smartphone craze, and worked closely with the late Steve Jobs. So when Segall has an opinion, and possible insight into the company's future, it's worth taking note.

The short version is that Segall believes Apple will introduce an iPod-ization business model to the iPhone space, a notion that's loitered—or been dreamed of—for some time. Rather than just releasing a single device, Apple will instead introduce a family of iPhones—different sizes, prices and colors. Segall, albeit without any solid evidence to go off, basis his assessment on Apple's initial intentions with the first iPhone.

Back when the very first iPhone was about to launch, it was assumed by many inside Apple that iPhone would follow the path of iPod before it, Segall said in a blog post. The first year or two would be devoted to evolving and perfecting the device — and then the iPhone line would be expanded to address various types of customers.

Segall argues that the iPod's most successful years were a result of diversification. Bearing that in mind, assuming Apple would follow the iPod model, this year will include a more affordable iPhone, your more typical iPhone iteration (iPhone 5S) and one with a larger display. But even further, Apple will reportedly introduce more colors to make more aging products seem newer, and also more personal.

As for the larger iPhone, which Tim Cook recently denied, Segall believes Apple would be foolish to let the competition run away with the growing market. Consumers clearly respond to choice, which is why Samsung has become so successful in the Android space. Apple's annual WWDC is just around the corner, and it's been quite awhile since we last heard anything official from the Cupertino company. Is a family of iPhones on the cards?

Don't read too much into the company's WWDC invitation, which hinted at a pretty colorful event in June.