As long as Android is open and free there's going to be malware. For the most part, problems largely lie in the darker, lost alleys of the OS's ecosystem, so actually experiencing any issues is unlikely. But a new family of malware, dubbed "BadNews," was just squatting in the Google Play store, and has allegedly been downloaded up to nine millions times by Android users.

According to Lookout Mobile Security, the malware works by swiping phone numbers and serials numbers, and sometimes even pushing a trojan onto devices called AlphaSMS. The apps have since been taken down after their initial discovery, but it's worrying they evaded Google's tightened anti-malware security at all. They were apparently not in the apps to begin with; the malicious software was inputted through an "ad network" after the fact, which is why nobody noticed in the first place.

Hopefully now that the crafty hackers have been found out, no other similar issues will arise. Of course, seeing as they were able to skirt Google's security, other malware could be out there. However, the search giant has been working to eradicate a lot of excess from its digital playground, so issues like this could be fewer and fewer in the future.