It looks like Nintendo of America isn’t the only arm of the company that’s discontinuing production of the NES Classic line. Nintendo of Japan has announced that it’s discontinuing the Famicom Mini, their version of the NES Classic. They will stop making the consoles this month.

However, their announcement includes some verbiage that the western world lacks. They indicate that production has ended temporarily, and they offer that they’ll let potential customers know when the Famicom Mini is available again. That’s a far cry from the “we have no plans to produce more” statement Nintendo of America offered TIME yesterday.

Does this mean Nintendo of America might make more?

It’s impossible to guess, really. Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan often operate as entirely unique units, localizing some games and hardware, but not all. It’s entirely possible that Nintendo of America could get back to producing the NES Classic for consumers, but Japan’s lead doesn’t necessarily guarantee that eventuality.

If and when Nintendo decides to make and sell the SNES Classic, I hope they do a better job with supply. That system, in my mind, will do even better than the NES Classic.