Whether you’re still tapping away at Bethesda’s free-to-play Fallout Shelter for some reason like I am, or you’ve put it down like a smart person, Bethesda is presenting some pretty compelling reasons to boot up the app again and check out your vault.

The newest update, rolling out this week, brings crafting, a major component of Fallout 4, to Fallout Shelter. Weapon and armor crafting rooms will give your vault dwellers something new to do, and a barbershop will let you ensure that every single one of your vault dwellers has a grey pony tail, because that’s not weird at all.

Your wasteland-exploring vault dwellers will be able to find a new item in the wasteland, Junk, and that will also pop up as a 5th card in Lunchboxes. This can be used in crafting, of course. Presumably unwanted weapons and armor can be broken down, too.

Outfits and weapons from Fallout 4 will make their way to the game as well, giving fans of the bigger game something to look forward to. Pets will get new bonuses, and parrots have been added as a new pet type. With one of the upcoming DLC packs, Far Harbor, looking to be somewhat nautical in nature, I have to wonder if the parrot isn’t a sort of reference to that.

And, finally, your vault will now reflect the time of day.

There’s a lot of stuff for fans of the little game to chew on, and if it’s well-thought-out, it could breathe a lot of new life into the game.

The update hasn’t rolled out as of the time of this writing, but should be hitting both iOS and Android this week.