Fallout Shelter is now available through the PC, finally giving me an outlet to try it. It’s strange, as soon as one mobile phenomenon becomes available to me, another takes its place. Pokémon GO… when will you make it to Japan?

As detailed in the launch trailer, this new build of Fallout Shelter adds new quests and will even allow players to follow their characters outside of the vault for the very first time! While above ground, the entire commonwealth will be filled with familiar places like Super Duper Mart and Red Rocket Fuel Stop. New enemies, new quests, new weapons, new everything!

And, of course, all of this will be coming to the mobile version as well, so don’t think that this will all be exclusive to the PC.

Fallout Shelter must be downloaded through the Bethesda Launcher, where it is a free download. Don’ go looking for it on Steam.