Fallout Shelter was originally announced and released on the same day way back in June at Bethesda’s very first E3 presentation. They debuted the game, explained it a bit and then said it was free-to-play and available at the end of the show.

The catch? It was only out on iOS devices. Android fans would have to wait.

Wait no more, you future vault designing nuts, Fallout Shelter is out now for Android devices. Here’s a handy Google Play link and everything.

How’s the actual game? Well, your experience is probably going to vary. I found myself addicted to it for about a week. I switched from my iPhone 6 to a G4, and obviously I couldn’t take Fallout Shelter with me. I have to tell you, though, that I haven’t really missed the game.

I know others, however, who have dumped hours and hours and hours into the title, loving every second of it.

It’s a solid free-to-play management game. Your mileage will definitely vary.