Ha! This is what happens when you piggy back a free-to-play mobile game on top of one of the most-watched gaming livestreams ever.

Bethesda rolled out Fallout Shelter literally minutes after revealing a ton of information about the upcoming Fallout 4 during its first E3 presentation this past June. Even better, it had the much loved Game Director Todd Howard introduce and pitch the game to the captivated masses.

The result? A whole lot of revenue.

Fallout Shelter, a game that isn’t too stingy with rewards, managed to earn $5.1 million in two weeks since launch.

This vault management sim that blends FTLThe Sims and so many other little games beneath a Fallout theme is actually pretty addictive. It has enough to do that you can play for quick stints and walk away while you wait for things to recharge, but gamers who want more stuff right away can pay if they feel like it. Apparently, they’ve felt like it.

Think we’ll see more mobile games like this one from big publishers surrounding massive franchises? You bet. Makes you think Rockstar wishes it did a little better with its silly GTA V companion thing.

Fallout Shelter is only available on iOS currently. It is bound for Android, and the latest projections have it launching in August. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.