The Fallout series is pretty famous for being exploitable and broken pieces of software. Bethesda’s and Obsidian’s games are often loaded with bugs that allow entire sections of their campaigns to be busted wide open or skipped entirely, allowing for lightning fast speedruns.

And the first two games, well, they are just so easy to jam through since they are nearly 20-years-old. Gamers have picked and prodded their way through them enough times to know every last little detail and the quickest possible path. With maximum strength in Fallout and maximum perception in Fallout 2, you can beat both games in under 25 minutes if you know exactly how to proceed.

Following that, the three modern games in the series require serious exploits to beat quickly, but in the world of speedrunning, such glitches are legitimate just as long as the runners aren’t employing outside help. Fallout 3 can be broken with a trick that allows a character to run at 160 percent speed by breaking his legs and quick-loading at the same time. Fallout New Vegas also allows for a boost of speed by reloading a pistol and unequipping it in a certain way.

Fallout 4 contributes a teleportation glitch in which players aim somewhere, perfectly time a swap to third-person view, and magically appear at their destination. The game’s slow intro, however, can’t be skipped and draws out the most time from the speedrun.

All told, the player tomatoanus clocked in at 1 hour 37 minutes and 54 seconds, which is pretty cool. If anything, this makes me want to go back and play the older games. Minmax is a technique that sadly goes underused in RPGs nowadays. I just wanna roll for specs!