Skyrim and Fallout 4 were both huge games with piles of fans. Since then, Bethesda Softworks has been pumping out one solid game after another, with the likes of Dishonored 2 and Doom among the ranks. So what are they working on right now? Not one or two games, but seven different ones.

“We’ve got a good number of projects on the go,” said director Todd Howard in an interview with Glixel. “We’re bigger now and we do want to be putting out more stuff. We have two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger. We overlap the projects so we’re working on them at the same time, but they’re staggered.”

“I can’t talk a lot about them, but I can say that they’re bigger than anything we’ve ever done. They’re a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us.”

That wording suggests that two of the games are sprawling open-world games, and chances are very good that at least one of them is an Elder Scrolls title. The team likes to alternate between Fallout and Elder Scrolls, so it’s not a wild idea to suggest that the other title might be a new IP or a license they’ve acquired. As much as I enjoy those two series, I’d love to see the team sink its teeth into something fresh.

So what can they talk about?

Two of the seven games are announced, Howard confirmed while speaking to IGN. One is Fallout 4 in VR, which the team demoed at E3 2016. The other is the announced Skyrim for Nintendo Switch.

Bethesda is also working on a mobile game of some kind, though Howard won’t say what it is. Howard says his team needs “to not look too hard at what’s working well for other people,” and that they’re trying to make a “very different style game, unique in this space. There isn’t something else we’re looking at for style.”

On the one hand, Howard is promising something unique and refreshing. On the other hand, Fallout Shelter was fun but made many of the same mistakes other mobile games made on top of being unplayably buggy at times. I hope is team is at least looking at enough other stuff to avoid repeating mistakes and missteps other developers have already figured out and accounted for.

So that’s a mobile game, a Switch game, a VR game, and two “classic Bethesda” games. That leaves two more games that we don’t know a lick about. It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from the company.