Fallout 4 will have a variety of companion characters available. One of them, Mr. Codsworth, is a floating robot. He can, just like Siri on your iPhone, be told to call you all kinds of different names. The team accounted for this not just with text but also by recording a whole pile of potential names players could make use of.

Codsworth’s voice is recorded by voice actor Stephen Russell (best known for Thief protagonist Garrett), and according to Fallout 4 director Todd Howard, Russell recorded “a thousand of the most popular names as well as other things that we find people like to name their characters.”

In a closed door demo at QuakeCon 2015, Howard and the team showed off a few examples. More traditional English language names like Angela and Matthew were shown, as well as pop culture references like McFly and Katniss. As you might guess, though, people like naming their characters or being called some less worksafe stuff, too. Stop reading now if you don’t like body humor and swears.

In addition to the above names, Mr. Boobies and Mr. F***face were shown. Because secretly, we’re all 12-year-old children who find that stuff hilarious. I mean, the latter is already at the top of my list for potential names. This is just one way in which we’ll be customizing Fallout 4 when it hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other ways Bethesda shows us in the meantime.

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