“Is the file size of every big upcoming came really news,” you might be asking yourself. If you’re still rocking the 500GB drives that accompanied the Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s initial releases, it absolutely is. Fallout 4 is going to be not just one of the biggest games of this fall, but likely a game that sells well for a long time to come thanks to its sprawling open world, deep crafting systems, and multi-platform mod support. It might not be the biggest game on your hard drive, though.

Gamers should be relieved to hear that that Fallout 4 comes in at a relatively svelte 28.12GB – at least on Xbox One. The file size appeared on the Xbox One version’s official game page, giving us a hint at what we can likely expect for the other platforms.

28GB of game was pretty tough to imagine when Bethesda’s last game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out in 2011 and clocked in at 3.3GB on the Xbox 360. Games really started to balloon after that, but Bethesda has managed to keep their game relatively slim despite the huge amount of gameplay promised. For comparison, the similarly sprawling Grand Theft Auto V  asks for 50GB. Much smaller games like Titanfall hit 50GB on PC, as did Wolfenstein: The New Order. Even as far back as 2012, Max Payne 3 was pushing the limits of reasonable game downloads at 35GB on PC. Fallout is looking smaller and smaller.

If you’re bumping up against that 500GB limit on PlayStation, you can replace the hard drive entirely with a bigger (and maybe even faster!) hard drive, while Xbox One gamers can plug in any USB 3.0 hard drive and use that as a secondary game or media drive.

Fallout 4 hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 10.

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