fallout 3 wallpaper

Fallout 4 is the most highly anticipated game in the world that hasn’t been officially announced yet and it has been for many years. We all know it’s happening eventually, and we all really want to play it. What’s taking so long for the sequel everyone wants to finally come out?

Well, don’t expect any answer at E3 this year. In a Twitter post answering a fan’s questions, Bethesda boss Pete Hines has not only confirmed that the game will not be announced at E3 2014, and if fact, its next game would not be mentioned “for a long time.”

Bummer, bro. So many rumors have been flying around Fallout 4 for years, and numerous hoaxes have gotten fans feverishly excited to play the next game in the popular franchise. Maybe Bethesda will throw us something, but its probably too busy pumping funds into trying to salvage The Elder Scrolls Online before its console release to focus on the game we really want.

Gotta collect on those subscription dollars somehow.