While platform exclusive games are one of the facts of life for gamers, platform exclusive downloadable content has always felt like an unnecessary evil. A game like Halo or Uncharted might help sell a console, but a couple extra levels in an annualized shoot’n’stab simulator definitely won’t.

It’s good to see, then, that Bethesda has realized this and doesn’t plan to repeat the last generation of games. Bethesda’s marketing boss, Pete Hines, responded to a Twitter inquiry on the topic confirming that Bethesda doesn’t have any exclusive DLC deals in place for Fallout 4.

With the last generation of consoles, they actually had kind of an excuse: their games barely worked on the PlayStation 3. It’s a bad excuse, but it explains why they chose to focus on the Xbox 360. With this generation, the hardware between the two consoles are far more similar, so there isn’t really a good excuse other than pure money.

There will be DLC, though, as Bethesda will sell a $30 lifetime pass for all future Fallout 4 DLC. If the past is any indication, they’ll make it more than worth our while, and everyone will get to play the content no matter which system they pick it up on.

Fallout 4 hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 10.

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