gamescom is turning into one of the best gaming conferences in the world. It seems that every year, we hear about more publishers and developers bringing their games to the show in Cologne, Germany.

Add Bethesda to that list, and the publisher is bringing what’s easily one of the biggest games of 2015. Fallout 4 will be at gamescom next month. The word comes from a poster on NeoGAF that received a press release from the German arm of Bethesda.

According to that release, the only game coming from Bethesda that will actually be at gamescom will be Fallout 4. It will roll in presentation form, so that probably nixes any potential for hands-on gameplay.

Interestingly, this release indicates that gamescom attendees, whether press or public, won’t see anything from DOOMDishonored 2 or Battlecry.

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