While I did call Fallout 4 my most disappointing game of 2015, I love it and still play it nearly every day. One of the game’s most annoying elements is the radiant quests – the quests that Preston Garvey and the Minutemen generate that have you running from settlement to settlement on ghoul & Super Mutant hunts and rescue missions. Now, there’s a way to put a stop to them (on PC).

Radiant quests are one of the “innovations” that came alongside Skyrim in 2011 and continued with Fallout 4. They’re randomly generated quests that ensure you never run out of things to do. They end up feeling like making widgets. The same thing over and over. If you want to clear out your quest list, these make it impossible. Nexus Mods user shadowshayd3 has created a new mod named “Disable Minutemen Radiant Quests.” The mod will stop the automatic assignment of these irritating quests, allowing you to pursue your dream of building a livable structure shaped like human anatomy, or maybe just finishing the main quest in a Bethesda game for the first time.

I haven’t had a chance to get in and actually see it in action quite yet, but I can’t wait to hear the sweet silence of wasteland settlers not constantly bugging me about their commoner problems. Check out the source link below to get the mod for yourself.