It seems like what I’m searching for in Fallout 4 changes on practically a daily basis. Sometimes I’m on the hunt for nuclear material, other times I’m looking for Fusion Cores. You know what I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for, though? Power Armor.

Well, now we have a map. Thanks to the work of Redditor GuapscotchFallout 4 players now have access to a map and handy legend when they want to track down suits of Power Armor. Here’s the map in question.

Now, the key indicates a “possible” chance for full high-end sets. That essentially means that the, say, X-01 set will be at the location, but exactly how complete it is remains up to chance. The set might be missing an arm or leg, though it will still be usable.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Map

Alright, then. With this map, it’s back into the Commonwealth I go.