This live action trailer for Fallout 4, entitled “The Wanderer,” is gorgeous. If I wasn’t already drooling in anticipation of the November 10 release date, this would certainly make the difference.

The trailer features the eternal Fallout protagonist, the Wanderer, stepping out of the vault and ready to take on super mutants with or without power armor. It delivers some classic Fallout moments in the highest fidelity we’ve yet seen them, and it makes me wish they’d make a short film or something like that.

With that said, though, I have to wonder if this is the result of the the game’s graphics being hard to advertise. Bethesda makes amazing game worlds, but its graphics are one of the first things detractors pick on. I’m actually fine with them, but it’s not hard to imagine this as an effort to offset that. Even if it is, I wouldn’t mind more clips like this one.

Fallout 4 hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.

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