By all accounts, Fallout 4 is a really broken game, loaded with bugs and areas that kill the game’s performance, but for some reason, gamers are far more forgiving of it than they are of Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Knight, or any AAA games. “That’s just how Bethesda games are,” they cry.

Double standards much?

Try this one on for size. Fallout 4’s first game killing bug has been found, and it will outright cause your game to crash. It comes with the settlement quest at Monsignor Plaza, and players will find that if they fast travel there, the game will lock up and immediately crash, taking them back to a Windows screen.

Console gamers have not reported the same bug as of yet. Bethesda is aware of the issue, and you can read more about it on the official forums as it looks for a fix.

Where are your pitchforks, gamers?