Here are two companies that know how to recognize hype for a video game. Best Buy and GameStop realize that Fallout 4 is clearly the most highly anticipated game of the year, and they want you to come into their shops to pick it up. That’s why both are offering it for free when you nab a PlayStation 4.

Just in time for launch day, you can now go to Best Buy and get not one but two free games. To get a copy of Fallout 4, you need to pick up either the $349.99 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PlayStation 4 bundle or the $399.99 Destiny: The Taken King bundle. In addition to Fallout 4, Best Buy is also tossing in a free $15 DualShock 4 charging station, bringing the total value of saving to $75, or $135 if you want to include the bundled games.

GameStop is offering almost the exact identical deal, but it is not offering the controller charge station. You also can’t use the deal with the Destiny bundle, meaning you must buy the $349.99 Uncharted bundle.

Again, it’s just in time for the biggest game of the year. Don’t pass the opportunity up if you haven’t jumped aboard into this latest generation yet.