Fallout 4 continues to educate the wasteland survivors in the cheekiest way possible with yet another comical instructional video. This time around, we’re talking about “talking,” meaning how well you can manage interaction with characters who choose not to communicate with the barrel of a gun.

Charisma is where it’s at in the Fallout franchise. Any nut-brain can create a sniper or heavy gunner who is able to clear a fortress of cannibals before even being noticed. It takes a linguistic skill far more powerful than bullets to be able to convince these abominations to eat one another, leaving our protagonist safe to loot their rations among the chaos.

Charisma is what it takes to recruit others to your cause and barter away useless items for all-powerful weapons. It will save your life in a stand-off or in a bar fight, and, most importantly, maybe you’ll be able to defeat the final boss without pulling the trigger. See the first Fallout alternate ending for an example.

Fallout 4 even lets you reduce wild animals into pets under your service!

Fallout 4 will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 10.

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