The latest educational Fallout 4 trailer teaches the wasteland bound human race all about the importance of the “endurance” statistic. Quite frankly, if your character doesn’t sport the big letter “E” on his chest, he’s going to have a bad time.

Told through Fallout’s cheeky 1950’s Army educational video style, Bethesda explains that if your stomach is made of cast iron, you can survive off of eating wild crabs… that is, if they don’t eat you first. Running from zombies, swimming through radiated water, fighting off the growth of that third limb. “Endurance” aids your fight against all ailments, and without it, you won’t make it far.

Building a Fallout character is always the most fun part of the game. More than maiming your fellow human beings with bullets to different body parts and more than maiming former human beings who have already been maimed beyond recognition through radiation. Your character can be weak, stupid, strong, or a genius, but it won’t matter much if his or her body can’t handle the trials that the wasteland.

Remember, when speccing your character, the letter “E” is one statistic you shouldn’t skimp numbers on.

Fallout 4 will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Nov. 10.

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