One of the complaints leveled against Fallout 4 after the first videos debuted was that some aspects of the visuals were subpar. During a panel at QuakeCon 2015, director Todd Howard talked a bit about the upcoming game and the team’s goals.

Rather than focusing on graphical fidelity, the team focused on detail – making as complete a picture as possible so that the illusion never breaks. The extra memory of the newer consoles lets the game track more information than ever before, says Howard, letting the team create a more complete world to enjoy and to create dynamic moments in.

Color has been a focus of development as well, starting with blue skies above but also in the environment. Howard explains that Fallout‘s art director uses color throughout the game world to highlight objects meant to grab the player’s attention.

One of the more interesting elements Howard mentions is a bit of lore and how the engine plays into it. The site of the bomb detonation is called “The Glowing Sea,” and the radiation there can cause storms to generate, which play into the game’s dynamic weather. The storms have their own radioactive elements that can affect the player. The Glowing Sea itself looks a lot more like Fallout 3 than the rest of Fallout 4 is meant to, and has a persistent yellow haze over it.

The world of Fallout 4 is sure to be filled with more of these kinds of details and we’re looking forward to exploring it when the game drops on November 10.