Tuesday is going to be really tough for a lot of gamers. Not everyone can take the time off, but anyone excited about Fallout 4 is going to be looking at their watches and phones all day. Of course, if you had a note from Dr. Hines – from the office in Bethesda, Maryland – maybe you could get away with staying home. As long as your boss isn’t secretly a hardcore role playing fan.

Bethesda Softworks’ head of marketing, Pete Hines, knows how hotly anticipated his game, set to release in less than 24 hours, is. He also knows that the game is going to get in the way of work for a lot of people. So of course he wrote up a doctor’s note for you:

Should you use this note to get out of work so you can play Fallout 4? Probably not. Will someone try it? Absolutely.

What about you? Are you taking the day off work to celebrate the second coming of the modern Vault Dweller? Jump in the comments and let us know.

Fallout 4 releases tomorrow, November 10, for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. While you wait, you can read our spoiler-free review here.

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