Fallout 4 is out today and everyone is playing it… except for me. I need to push through Tales of Zestiria first. The rest of the gaming world has shown up in such great numbers that it has even outright beaten Grand Theft Auto V’s concurrent Steam users record on a launch day.

We’re not even halfway through the day yet, and already Fallout 4 is slaughtering the competition. It sits behind the usual number 1 and number 2 spots of Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and it is chilling pretty comfortably at 290,461 users as of writing.

For comparison’s sake, Grand Theft Auto V capped out at 196,700 when it was first released on PC, trailing at least 100,000 users behind. Of course, it was a port of a game many people already owned on consoles, and traditionally, the series has been thought of as a “console franchise” first and PC second. Grand Theft Auto V also didn’t require Steam to use like Fallout 4 does, and didn’t keep track of everybody.

Comparisons between the two are obviously not very fair.

However, that was the record, and Fallout 4 has smashed it. How big is this game going to get? I’m not so sure that it will end up being the biggest game of 2015, with Star Wars Battlefront probably taking that title thanks to the new movie, but Fallout 4 will be a slow burn to success into the 20 million range like Skyrim was and ultimately prove to be the biggest.

Fallout 4 is available today on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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